The Eye’s a Filter For You to See

Jin and I went to the beach to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. I’ll probably write about the place one day, but if you’re ever in Pohang it’s behind Tilt, the foreigner bar, maybe about a block or so in.

Afterwards we wandered around a nearby neighborhood where I snapped the above picture. Posting it here has started me thinking how the city must look to people only reading about it on this blog. There’s certainly a trend in my pictures that runs counter to the actual. For one thing the city has people in it, and most of it doesn’t look like the weird, dirty, and empty parts I post pictures of.

This coming week I’ll post more mundane pictures. Maybe the quotidian will be as strange.

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4 responses to “The Eye’s a Filter For You to See”

  1. J. Spinazzola says :

    Frankly many of these pictures make me think of The Actuator. I guess any trend looks more pronounced when being followed.

  2. asakiyume says :

    I’ve saved the notification of this entry in my e-mail inbox for a couple of months, because I wanted to respond but never seemed to have the 余裕 , as they say in Japan. (Yoyû–energy and time and mental headspace, would be a good translation)

    I read it when you originally posted and laughed, because I had **just** been using blogs and things to do research on places that I’m unlikely to get to in real life. And then here was your entry, as a warning on the dangers of that. And then that got my younger daughter and I talking about blogging when overseas, and what a person “sees.” And then *that* made me think that even when you blog in your own, everyday place, you’re not necessarily conveying what people would experience if they were to arrive in your town or on your doorstep. How we transform what we see, even if we’re not particularly intending to.

    So, thank you for a very thought-provoking post!

    • Justin says :

      You’re welcome. And, yeah, that’s kind of exactly my point. I realized I was selecting certain pictures and posting them, and by doing so, and whether or not I intended to, I had begun creating a certain narrative that another person looking at the same area might not even recognize.

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