My name is Justin Howe. I was born near one body of water, but I live now near a different body of water. For good or ill, I am a product of late 20th century New England. I write. I read. I teach. I make games and game adjacent materials. Some of what I’ve written has been published. You can find links to some of my published genre stories on my bibliography page.

This place is a catch all for my interest in books and games, both old and new. Expect it to be a work in progress.

Other places I can be found:

Itch.io (Games)

Mastodon (Books & Games)

Twitter (Despite Everything)

Instagram (Mostly Cat Pictures)

Patreon (Motivation)

DrivethruRPG (as Yesterweird Press)

2 responses to “About”

  1. Patty says :

    I get a lot of reading/viewing recommendations from what you post on FB, so I’m looking forward to following your new blog! (And I like seeing your photos, too.)

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