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Artisanal Snowperson With Authentic Charcoal Features

artsinal snowpersonUnfortunately made by unpaid child laborers.

Above the Confluence

20131115_165442The walkway above the newly built canal near my school.

Do Not Deny the Eye

eye writerI gotta listen to this guy more often.

Happy Year of the Snake


I hope you and yours have a good one.

Heads. I Win.

Mr. Bowes, I suspect this frightening tableaux originated with you, yes?

Images. Millions of Images. That’s What I Need.

Like most people I have folders and folders full of pictures glommed from all over the Internet. Lately I’ve been making crude collages with them on power point. The above is for a short story about a junky ghost hunter and the codependent relationship he has with his assistants. I made it after the story was written, which is a bit different than using it to brainstorm.

That’s one for a story in process. It hasn’t come together yet like the first one, but that’s likely because the story’s not done. Evocation’s my goal, and there’s a tendency to be prejudiced towards the chosen images and using them to illustrate the story, as opposed to finding the pictures that evoke the story best.