The Vaults of Ur, Session 2: The Mad House of the Mad Alchemist… of Madness!

Second session of Ur went like this. . . shit, how’d it go?

OK OK OK, it went like this.

Kris the fighter, one of the survivors of the first session, gathered together a stalwart band (Holy shit seven players! I’ve never run a game with this many people before. OK, shit, why not, let’s see what happens) and set off for the three-story building he discovered in the ruins last time. Along with him went:

  1. Kullpetal the Orc
  2. Thidrek the Beastman (though more a Sleestak)
  3. Nooquist the Sorcerer
  4. Goron the Stoop, a Beastman architect
  5. Father Karl
  6. And… Geh the Goblin-in-a-sack (as drawn by Jez Gordon)

Things that happened:

  • Once again the flowers flew, only this time the party had sharp pointy seedpods shot at them.
  • Seedpod riddled corpses are a good sign to be on your toes.
  • Funky smelling rooms are best handled with oil, torch, and a prayer you don’t burn out the rafters and have the ceiling collapse on you. (Funky sounding rooms have yet to be encountered…)
  • Slamming doors on the heads of giant insects will invoke a Ringo Starr reference from the DM.

Ringo Starr reference for the uninitiated:

  • The door opens onto a corridor/10×10 room that looks like blah blah blah. You search and find nothing.
  • The door opens onto a wasps’ nest. You set it on fire.
  • These dead guys appear to have armor made from giant beetle carapaces. Loot!
  • AHHH! It’s a shoggothy slime creature wearing a mask. Run away! or, Fight and die! or Fight/run away, survive, and loot the dead!

And that’s what happened. Kris and Nooquist got subsumed into slime. Everyone else survived.

Next game in two weeks. Maybe. I might have to reschedule.


I can’t imagine writing a report for every session in the future, but it’s fun for now.

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6 responses to “The Vaults of Ur, Session 2: The Mad House of the Mad Alchemist… of Madness!”

  1. Geoffrey says :

    I think the standard response in RL is to have one of the players do it for a few extra xp. I always wondered if that would work.

  2. Lord Gwydion says :

    Not exactly bristling with details, but here’s my write-up of the action! It was a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to keep Thidrek alive for a couple more sessions at least (and if I keep running from slime-things, I just may).

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