Ur the Great, Known By Many Names

Your world lies in ruins.

Ur, City of the Golden Pyramid, once the jewel of the world, now a ruin. Ur the Great, known by many names: Urceb, Uulro, Baalbel-Ur…

Ur, the first city, and the last.

Some say the ways of the populace grew so abhorrent as to offend the very gods. Others say it was destroyed by a plague that came from the stars. Eight hundred years ago Ur disappeared. Soon after, the world was wracked by the Cataclysm. For centuries life was a desperate struggle, and only in recent decades has some semblance of civilization returned.

Then three years ago Ur reappeared, a devastated city, altered by its passage between worlds.

The Tenfold Empire has established an outpost, Fort Low, on the edge of Ur. It incorporates one of the original cyclopean gatehouses. Imperial control ends just beyond the walls at the Broken Obelisk. Adventurers flock to the ruins eager to explore and find what secrets lie hidden beneath the rubble.

You are one of them.


Some color for the B/X game I’m running via G+. No RPG experience necessary. Next session will be this Saturday at 8PM Seoul time.

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7 responses to “Ur the Great, Known By Many Names”

  1. Lord Gwydion says :

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Rick Bowes says :

    Whose artwork is that?

  3. Jez says :

    Hey digging the intro, damn evocative.

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