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Genre Aphorisms

Find your own golden age. Don’t settle for another generation’s.

Genre fiction is bigger, looser, and more unexpected than a publisher’s marketing department wants you to believe.

Adults who use “–punk” as a suffix are still bitter about how uncool they felt in high school.


The Eye’s a Filter For You to See

Jin and I went to the beach to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. I’ll probably write about the place one day, but if you’re ever in Pohang it’s behind Tilt, the foreigner bar, maybe about a block or so in.

Afterwards we wandered around a nearby neighborhood where I snapped the above picture. Posting it here has started me thinking how the city must look to people only reading about it on this blog. There’s certainly a trend in my pictures that runs counter to the actual. For one thing the city has people in it, and most of it doesn’t look like the weird, dirty, and empty parts I post pictures of.

This coming week I’ll post more mundane pictures. Maybe the quotidian will be as strange.

Five Authors / Five Questions: The End

Last week Shimmer magazine posted the fifth question on their blog. This time we talked about endings.

5. How do you craft the perfect ending for a story? How do you keep an ending from falling flat?

I didn’t say this, but thought it was pretty spot on: “I’m always a fan of stories that leave the reader in the mystery, in the wonder. Which means risking not explaining everything, thus (hopefully) leaving the reader the space to make it perfect.”

Use these links to catch up with the whole series:

4. How do you decide whose story is being told? Do you have a favorite POV to work in?

3. How do you keep a story from slumping in the middle?

2. How do you go about choosing a title for the story? Do titles present themselves before the work begins, or when it’s complete?

1. How do you begin a story? Does it start with the idea, a character, an image, a line of dialogue, or are all stories different?

Thanks again to everyone at Shimmer. It was great fun being part of the series. (I’ll spare the Internets the dollop of self-denigrating out pouring… but, yeah, thanks!) Also it was great fun reading the answers from my co-interviewees: Luc ReidKrista Hoeppner Leahy, Don Mead, and Vylar Kaftan.

“Your Mother” Goes Wild With Space Squid

I have a story in “Space Squid Gone Wild: The Best Comics, Stories, and Features From Five Years of America’s Favorite Unknown Zine.”

My story is all about “Your Mother”.

E-Book is only 2.99USD!!!

Actuate a copy for yourself today!

Some Recent Pictures

Most of these were taken over Chuseok.

The last picture is of a Buddhist temple near Jin’s parents’ apartment. There are hiking trails around it and we went out one morning to explore the area, but didn’t get far because I slipped in a puddle and pulled a hamstring.

And you’d think my hollering in pain (and passing out) would have roused up a monk or two, but nope… I rode that wheel of Samsara all alone.

F’n Buddhists…

The Secret To Writing

From the movie adaption of Charles Willeford’s The Woman Chaser. I can’t remember the exact quote from the book, but I think this is close. Possibly the best piece of writing advice you’ll ever find in a misogynistic 1950s smut novel.