Up a Mountain

Mossy roots. Also the best picture I took all day.

This one is for the Mossy Skull.

I did a bit of hiking today on Mount Naeyeon outside of Pohang City. It’s actually still in Pohang county but an hour by bus north of downtown. It was a beautiful late summer day: windy and relatively cool. It rained when we got off the bus but cleared up when we reached the trail. The trail runs beside a river then loops around one of the peaks. There’s thirteen (twelve?) waterfalls along the trail. We passed maybe seven of them. There’s also a Buddhist temple, Bogyeonsa, with various hermitages and buildings nestled in the valley.

If you’re in Pohang it’s a great day trip.

Now come the blurry cellphone pictures.

A waterfall


300 years ago a monk probably lived in this cave.

The folks on the right were a father and son pair meditating above a small waterfall.

Overall a pretty fun day.

The bus trip is cheap, about 2USD (1,500 Won), with another 2.5USD tacked on for admittance to the park. We didn’t visit any of the temple buildings although most of them were open to the public and you could hear monks chanting from various points of the trail. This added to the calm atmosphere (as an aural environment it was amazing: water trickling over rocks, wind blowing through leaves overhead, and monks chanting… yeah, I wanted to record it all).

The one thing I wished I got a picture of was the coffee vending machine in the middle of the forest where the trail branched towards the temple. It wasn’t even near a rest area, just there beside the trail.

Next time.

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6 responses to “Up a Mountain”

  1. boonofdoom says :

    Thank you! These are lovely. The rocks are interesting. Some of it looks not unlike W Mass–bedrock tipped up 90 degrees.

    My favorite is the one looking up the cliff at the tree.

  2. J. Spinazzola says :

    These are beautiful. You got a guest room?

    I’m booking my flight ; )

  3. ronya says :

    Beautiful, Justin. Glad you got to take the trip. I’m with Michael–I was reminded of my trip to Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA. Not quite as tall, but dramatic in its own way. http://www.gweep.net/~lizzie/purgatory/

    • Justin says :

      Thanks for the link. I agree. A lot of the landscape reminds me of New Hampshire and coastal Maine, except the “mountains” go straight into the sea. .

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