Some Recent Pictures

Most of these were taken over Chuseok.

The last picture is of a Buddhist temple near Jin’s parents’ apartment. There are hiking trails around it and we went out one morning to explore the area, but didn’t get far because I slipped in a puddle and pulled a hamstring.

And you’d think my hollering in pain (and passing out) would have roused up a monk or two, but nope… I rode that wheel of Samsara all alone.

F’n Buddhists…

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4 responses to “Some Recent Pictures”

  1. J. Spinazzola says :

    Have any monks opted to live in the apartment building? Maybe they couldn’t hear you. One hand clapping, a tree falling in the woods, and all that.

  2. ridlerville says :

    Dude, can I have the space dude as my icon on Facebook. He is awesome! But what is he selling???

    • Justin says :

      Go right ahead!

      Most towns, cities, counties have these mascot characters. I’ve probably got pictures of half a dozen different ones. Sacheon has a lot of aerospace industries so this guy is likely selling that (I’ve seen another who looks more like a pilot). Jinju, the next city over, uses Nongae as theirs. (She assassinated a Japanese general in the 17th century.) Here in Pohang we have a little water drop and fire guy to promote the steel mill and hydropower. Where I was last year had a hermit and fairy.

      If they had trading cards with them all I’d buy them.

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