Did I Mention…


Pohang, South Korea – 02/23/2016

Did I mention I more or less quit my job?

“More or less” because when the time came to renew my teaching contract for another year, I chose not to so now I’m just wiling away the days until my last one, which will be Friday.

I’ve been at my main school since 2011. It was great teaching these kids. I even liked most of them, in particular the current crop who will be starting 6th grade next week. But I also need a break. Which I realize is such a luxurious, privileged thing to say. And I feel both those things and not necessarily in a bad way, but in a fortunate and thankful way. It’s been a privilege to work with and know everyone I met students and teachers. I worked for years. I saved money. Now I can take a few months off to do as I please. Savings along with my wife’s income should hold us and once my visa gets sorted out I’ll be able to freelance and teach private students. We’ll see what happens.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little stressed out. Having no schedule, no time when I need to be up, no place I need to be, that’s spooky. I fear I’m either going to become completely indolent, or worse, and this is actually more likely, I’ll become so utterly fussy that I’ll be vacuuming the ceiling every day at 3 o’clock sharp and other somewhat OCD compulsions and more or less driving people crazy.

Did I mention I graduated grad school and am now a “Master of Education”?

A Master.

I’m glad it’s done. Now I can read all the books. All the books. But the degree might prove useful later on, especially when it comes time to find a new job. You’d think right?

One thing that always got me was when folks would say how they wanted to take a grad course while in Korea, but when I told them the time to enroll for my program they’d give me some long blahblahblah about how my school was a bad school and there are online programs and yaddayadda – and yes, fine, my school isn’t the greatest. It’s basically a local community college, but it really bugs me when I see people want to do a thing, talk about doing it, then when you point them to an opportunity to do it, they tell you how the opportunity is somehow wrong, and so they won’t do it. Meanwhile I got my degree and they’re still talking about getting theirs.

In other facets of my life I should apply that insight, instead of waiting for right conditions.

Did I mention our cat died?

Yeah, that sucked. But it was months ago. She was a big annoying cat who had like four owners by the time she was 4 years old – and I loved every fat ounce of her, but it turned out she had a heart problem. I like to think she had a decent three years with us. We still have another cat. Her name is Mona Lisa Overdrive. She’s also annoying. And I love her to pieces.

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4 responses to “Did I Mention…”

  1. Dennis Laffey says :

    Congrats on finishing the Masters program. I’m really glad I did mine locally, too. It was a lot less expensive, and at the end of the day, I’ve got an M Ed TESOL, and like you say lots of other people are still just talking about it (although in my current circles, several others actually went through with the process, either distance or locally).

    Now that I’m teaching at a university, I’ve sorta also got that “free time” thing, except since I’m a glutton for punishment, as you know, I’m working on a PhD. So here I am, sitting in the English library, taking a break from writing my first draft of a research paper, and commenting on your blog. And I’ve been at the library almost every day of my two month long break, analyzing data and stuff. I’m looking forward to classes starting again next week. 😀

    Condolences on losing your cat, by the way.

    • Justin says :

      PhD!?! Hell no. If anything I’ll spend the next two months writing a SF novel to epub. And vacuuming the ceiling. Thanks for the condolences too.

  2. maggiedellarocca says :

    Congrats on the Masters degree! And you did it so stealth-like. I wish you would not beat yourself up about what you need just because you are granting it to yourself. Did that sentence make sense? Enjoy your free time.

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