I Didn’t Like It

I read a thing. I didn’t like it. Now I need to tell you how much I didn’t like it, because these other people, they liked it. And I can’t stand that, because I REALLY DIDN’T LIKE IT. And because I didn’t like it that means it’s bad. It’s a bad thing. It’s awful. So there’s something wrong with those people that like that thing. How could they like that thing? Wasn’t it clear that it was bad? Wasn’t that obvious? If the thing was good, I’d know. I’d be able to tell. It would be clearly a good thing. No doubt at all. But that thing? That thing wasn’t a good thing, because I didn’t like it and I know good things. Never mind that it might not have been made for me, never mind that I might not have the life experience it speaks to, or the simple matter of it coming down to taste. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s bad, I know. And that thing was bad, because I didn’t like it, and I only like good things. Those people who liked that thing, they’re wrong. They’re dumb. They have problems. Isn’t that obvious? It’s a bad thing because I didn’t like it.

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4 responses to “I Didn’t Like It”

  1. Dennis Laffey says :

    Internet message boards/comments sections in a nutshell! Bravo!

    • Justin says :

      Yeah… and also a reminder to myself.

      In so many ways we live in a great age for finding good stuff to suit any interest that it takes a very special kind of person to just focus on what they don’t like.

  2. Gord Sellar says :

    Template for like half the posts on my blog. :/

    And yeah, I’m popping by because I saw your post on Ahimsa’s blog. So behind on everything. But I always appreciate your book posts. That Victor Lavalle book sounds amazing!

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