How Not To Follow People On Twitter

Here’s another one to file under Captain Obvious is obvious…

There are people I like, people I admire, people I feel are extremely insightful and worth listening to, but if I follow them on Twitter I know that they would drive me annoyed. How do I know this? Because I have done exactly that. I have followed these people, read their Twitter feeds, and become annoyed by their floodlighting. Of course, I probably have a low personal threshold for what is and isn’t floodlighting. Some folks might not mind things I do. Some folks default to hugs. I default to distant nods and maybe a handshake because anything beyond that is inherently suspicious. Other folks might operate their twitter like a traffic cop, muting people for a bit, listening for a bit. I don’t have the will, patience, or time to do that with the attention required. So what to do?

Answer: Follow other people who follow those people you like, and rely on that first group to filter the latter. And so far it’s worked pretty well. The folks I admire and find insightful remain so without drowning me in their moment to moment tribulations, squeegasms, and would-be stand-up routines.

So thanks everyone. You’re all wonderful. Keep up the good work.

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6 responses to “How Not To Follow People On Twitter”

  1. Bob Howe says :

    Never heard “floodlighting” used this way, and not sure exactly what it means. Is this senescence?

  2. asakiyume says :

    Hah! I was *just thinking* this morning that it can be beneficial to read [famous person]’s tweets only when retweeted by someone else. I hadn’t gotten so far as to put anything in practice though. My twitter is like a very messy room (both the list of tweets I’m reading and the stuff I’m tweeting or retweeting)–totally haphazard and rather unappealing. … I guess I’m not a very good fit for Twitter. But I like company, and it does provide that!

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