Play vs. Play

This will be an RPG update post. If that sounds boring, tedious, and/or excruciating, then I suggest you look away.

Now then.

For the past six months or so I’ve been playing in a face to face Pathfinder game down the road in Gyeongju. It’s been great fun (although I can’t really be bothered to learn all the rules of Pathfinder and do all the accounting – honestly, I don’t think I’ve updated my character’s skills in levels), and it’s made me realize how much I missed regular face-to-face games. Don’t get me wrong, G+ games are fun; I can’t believe I’ve run a game for two years now. But, having a local gaming group that meets regularly and rolls the funny dice together? Can’t beat it.

Of course, the buddy from town that makes the trip with me and I are talking about starting a new game here in town. Our current idea is to run a campaign where every character is the same class (either fighters or thieves, so every adventure is either a Black Company novel or a heist movie – also maybe start characters at 2nd level, so they can have 1 level in another class).

But trying to get a game together here in town is proving to be a bit on the silly side. There are lots of stealth gamers and lots of enthusiasm, but no one wants to set the time aside to actually do it. Not only that, but it’s been fun to once again witness that creeping shame of not wanting to look a nerd when you mention RPGs that some people never get over.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything actually happens. As it is I’m pleased to have the game groups that I do.

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