Law & Order: Elementary School Redux

Small follow-up on Law & Order: Elementary School. Three of the four kids have been removed from their class and switched into other classes. (There are four 6th grades at my school, all these kids were in one, now they’re spread amongst the four.) I’m not sure what affect this will have. Maybe it will make a difference. Possibly apart they’ll be less trouble. Or possibly they’ll spread their influence to all the other classes and I’ll end up with three more fuxxored classes.

I suspect it will be some alternating combination of the two.

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2 responses to “Law & Order: Elementary School Redux”

  1. mike monaco says :

    We had one kid with a bullying issue in my kid’s 2nd grade class last year. The teacher was pretty proactive about trying to get the whole class to correct the kid’s behavior problems but without cooperation from the parents, it’s hard to make a real impact. Peer pressure probably works a lot better with older kids.
    Unfortunately in our class the kid’s parents were a totally disengaged dad who worked all the time and a helicopter mom whose precious snowflake could do no wrong. She went on and on about how her kid meant well and was hitting other kids only because he was trying to right some perceived wrong. (She never actually admitted he was kitting other kids, just said he ‘acted out’ from his sense of justice. 0_o) By the end of the year this budding sociopath punched my daughter IN THE NECK because he thought she might have knocked his book off a table during a confused rush as kids were grabbing their books off said table. (Yes, the bully just saw his book on the floor and my kid nearby and started punching the kids in reach. Charming.)
    Wow sorry to get all outraged and stuff. My point is I hope the kids parents are supporting the school & teachers.

    • Justin says :

      No worries about venting. The situation sounds terrible and typical. Any parent’s going to be a more consistent factor in their kid’s life than any teacher he has for only a year. I wish more parents realized that.

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