Complaints Department

There’s nowhere to get breakfast in Pohang on the weekends. It’s crazy. Say you’re up at 8AM and decide to walk along the beach, if you’re lucky maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a coffee shop open. Even the toast places don’t open until 10:30AM. And. They. Make. TOAST!?! Doesn’t anyone in this town want to drink coffee outside of their house early on a Saturday morning?

It’s become so bad I’m starting to daydream about opening up a restaurant that would just serve two eggs, toast, and hash browns. We’d be open from 6AM to noon and that’s it. Nothing but breakfast.

I also regularly daydream about learning how to play Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” on the ukelele, so yeah, pipe-dreams both of them.

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4 responses to “Complaints Department”

  1. Rick Bowes says :

    Again a blast from the past – 60 years ago in the US Saturday and Sunday mornings were dead times for restaurants and on Sunday lots of places didn’t open until afternoon. Those days were family/church days. Sundays especially in those days before the cash machine could be bleak and desperate times if you didn’t know store owners/bartenders who’d give credit or take checks.

  2. Mark Morency says :

    As the surface of foods heat above 310°F, amino acids and sugars react together. Scores of new compounds form while the surfaces start to brown. It develops a richness and depth of flavor, not to mention crunchy texture. The Maillard Reaction is one of the great miracles of cooking. And you would rather have hot water filtered through beans. Shame! Shame, I say!

    • Justin says :

      Actually I just want what ever’s open at 8AM on Saturday. And seriously, a toast place that doesn’t open until 11AM? Whatthewhatthewhat?

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