These Days

Jin and I got smartphones. There’s the first picture.

Look! It’s Pohang!

This is the end point of the harbor where it becomes a stagnant canal. If you walk straight across the water (what? You can’t?) you’ll pass the fishing fleet on your left, and the ship repair dry docks on your right, then you’ll come upon a few scrap heaps, and the ferry boat landing before passing the lighthouse and going out into the Sea of Japan East Sea.

Lovely, no? The plan’s to extend this canal down to the river. So they’re bulldozing the entire neighborhood behind me, which coincidentally is where I teach.

Speaking of teaching, the semester starts again tomorrow. This year I’ll be teaching 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. It should be… interesting. Of course, I’m not teaching any of the students I taught last year, which, you know, would have made sense. But because of the internal rift between the English teachers at my school I get to start with all new students. Don’t ask. Or do, but don’t suspect an answer other than a shrug and a “I don’t make the schedule.” I don’t quite get it myself. Basically the two English teachers at my school don’t get along, and it’s tiresome.

Still, new students, and they want be all jaded like my 6th graders were. No more listening to poorly executed swears like “Pak you! Shut up your mouse!”

Shut up your mouse. Adorable.

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6 responses to “These Days”

  1. Lord Gwydion says :

    Wow, lovely Pohang. It’s a wonder I haven’t visited there yet. Our school year is also starting tomorrow, and I’ve got lots of little ones in the kindergarten (including my own son, though, so that’s fun for me).

    • Justin says :

      Well, that’s not it’s most scenic spot — though a little ways up on the left is Jukdo Market and that’s pretty neat. To be honest I’m a bit worried about teaching 1st grade because I’ll likely be the first English teacher they have. It’ll be fun, but high energy.

  2. Mark Morency says :

    I taught 1st grade computers as a substitute teacher, once. Not knowing what to do with them I had loaded up a program that was a sort-of typing tutor. A cartoon animation of a car would race across the screen as they typed simple words.

    When they all came in and sat down I told them to read the instructions on the screen and start. No one moved. After a minute that seemed like eternity a little girl raised her hand and said, “Mr. Morency? We don’t know how to read.”

  3. asakiyume says :

    I just read “Shadows Under Hexmouth Street,” and I was going to go find the entry where you announced it to leave a comment, but then I decided the comment fit equally well here, seeing as the story had to do with neighborhood demolition, and you’re talking here about neighborhood demolition.

    Anyway, I loved how your story evoked, so clearly, the city. What a great world. Loved the aboriginals, hunting for eels on stilts. Loved the homunculi and the paramentals–and all this just as quotidian reality. Takes me back to what you were saying about worldbuilding a few entries ago.

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