Our 10 Bad Internet Habits

Is that the royal “we”?

  1.  Narcissism and the abuse of the word narcissism.
  2.  People taking a “break” from the Internet only to return 12 hours later to tweet what flavor pop tart they had for breakfast. Cousin to this habit is “I have awesome news but I can’t tell you about it right now” tweets.
  3.  Writing advice from everyone who ever so much as received a C- or higher on an English assignment.
  4.  Blog stats, circles, Facebook friends, and twitter followers allow us to quantify our attention seeking.
  5.  Websites and the will to power.
  6.  Pop culture references as social capital.
  7.  Remember when you’d get angry at your boss or the service at a restaurant and go home and forget about it? Now, you’re likely to tweet it and write a blog post.
  8.  The Pringilization of Everything and the intrusion of market values even deeper into our personal relationships.
  9.  Limbic brain twitching masquerading as discourse.
  10.  Lists used in place of actual content.

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One response to “Our 10 Bad Internet Habits”

  1. dodgy says :

    how about people not thinking about what they are posting, in the old days you would have to sleep on something before calling them the next day to complain or sending a letter. Or the point that people no longer need to learn anything as they can just get an answer without the research. Or that kids today think they will get famous from being an idiot or a slut.

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