Help Me, Ken Watanabe. You’re My Only Hope.

I still get stressed out whenever I have to get my haircut.

Last year I made the mistake of going to one of my student’s mom’s place to get my haircut. This was a bad idea. The woman’s “face” ended up being on the line, so basically she cut two hairs, fled across the room, made me some coffee, and then ushered me out. After that I stuck with the woman who kept the place beside the headstone seller. She was not related to any of my students and didn’t have to worry about what might happen if *gasp* the English teacher got a bad haircut.

The guy I go to now looks a bit like Rick Hunter from Robotech except with glasses.

I start panicking when he hands me the “Style Book”. The book’s full of handsome guys like this:

Hmmm. Maybe next time I'll ask for the Tony Leung.

And, when I need a haircut, I sort of look like this:

But I’ve figured out a method now. So when Rick hand’s me the book I pretty much flip through it and find the picture of Ken Watanabe. This is my go-to haircut at the moment. It’s not bad and as it grows out it becomes like two other decent haircuts.

Though I’m still lazy as shit about getting my haircut regularly and spend far longer looking like Robert Donner than any guy really should.

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2 responses to “Help Me, Ken Watanabe. You’re My Only Hope.”

  1. ridlerville says :

    So, you will now be avoiding a Macross cut. Slick.


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