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Welcome to Lazarus Sector!


Welcome to Lazarus Sector!

A resource rich galactic borderland, Lazarus Sector serves as the buffer between several interstellar polities and is littered with the ruins of past civilizations. Adventurers, outcasts, and criminals call Lazarus Sector home, hoping to get rich and score big, before their luck runs out.

Here are the big players in Lazarus Sector, although by no means is this every one. Countless organizations and cabals have their agents in the Sector.

The Illuminated: An expansionistic technocratic empire that serves a mysterious God-Emperor known as the Omnissiah, the Illuminated have aggressively pushed into Lazarus Sector and made dubious claims at sovereignty over the region.

The Morn: A once advanced human civilization that destroyed itself in ancient times, the Morn now exist as arrogant scavengers on the fringes of society.

Panoplian: The inhabitants of the Panoply Republic, a vast collection of worlds, cultures, and societies known for its open-minded attitudes and dismally slow political infrastructure.

The Union Worlds: A splinter group of Panoplian corporatists that bristled at the constant meddling of Republican bureaucracy. Their worlds are known for their advanced technologies and gross economic disparity. Pragmatists to the extreme, the Union Worlds are everyone’s ally as long as the credits keep rolling in.

The game starts in Wendigo Station, a Union owned “free” station with lacks governmental oversight that orbits the ruined Morn world of Shard and serves as a crossroads to the Sector.

The group starts with a spacecraft. FTL travel is done via the use of “slipstreams routes”. Known slipstream routes will be on the map. Unknown slipstream routes exist and are a valuable commodity. Who doesn’t want to be the first trader to discover a lost world and fleece the poor souls for all they’re worth before the competition arrives?

The first adventure will be a salvage operation as the crew tries to locate a lost Illuminated ship and reclaim its cargo.


It appears I’m running a space game for people here in town. Setting details are partially recycled from a few SWN games I ran last year and every SF RPG I’ve ever read ever.

This time around I’ll try and be less bloodthirsty.

The Dead Enders vs. The Martians

10635852_10152360944371864_1298429769924298763_nTwo weeks back I had a day off and ran a Fate Accelerated game. The picture above gives you some idea who the party were. The set-up was the PCs were senior citizens in a shitty rest home called Sunny Valley, and in the middle of an escape attempt stumbled onto a Martian plot to invade Earth. It was silly. I didn’t completely know how to run the game (I’m pretty sure I tracked Stress wrong), but everyone had fun, and the oldsters saved the day. The party consisted of a retired detective, a military sharpshooter suffering from dementia, a hacker with ties to Canadian Separatists, and a former getaway car driver that operated a souped-up scooter. While prepping for the game I made some NPCs that either died or didn’t get used. Here they are:

Picture is Holger Czukay, bass player for CAN.

Picture is Holger Czukay, bass player for CAN.

Dirk Ostergarten

High Concept: Elderly ex-biker gang member

Trouble: Trouble tends to find me.

Aspect 1: I’ve seen some shit.
Aspect 2: The Man’s always trying to pin shit on me.
Aspect 3: Where did I put my glasses?

Stunts: Dirty Fighter
(Dirk can improvise hand to hand weapons)

Grundy Style
(Dirk knows Pennsyltuckian martial arts and gains a +2 when forcefully attacking.)

One More Stunt to be determined in game.

Careful: +2
Clever: +1
Flashy: +0
Forceful: +3
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +1

Refresh: 3


2 – Mild:
4 – Moderate:
6 – Severe:

Patricia Highsmith is sick of your shit.

Patricia Highsmith is sick of your shit.

Ada Morgan

High Concept: A Mean Old Witch
Trouble: You say I’m cruel like it’s a bad thing.

Aspect 1: Ms. Taffy is my wittle sweetums.
Aspect 2: I’ve turned better men than you into toads.
Aspect 3: It’s never too early for a drink.

Stunts: No one suspects an old lady.
(+2 to sneaky when bluffing and hiding.)

Hexes and curses
(+2 to careful when creating advantages)

Demon familiar
(once per session Ms. Taffy may attack)

Careful: +3
Clever: +2
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +0
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +2

Refresh: 3


2 – Mild:
4 – Moderate:
6 – Severe:


Now that work and grad school are both back up and running I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to run or play another game. Which is too bad since the summer game I ran here in town was fun, and ended on something of a cliff hanger with one character having a severe curse put on him.