The Monk, An Irreverent Synopsis

My posts about Matthew Lewis’s The Monk remain some of the most popular I’ve written. I can only imagine people are using them to pass tests in classes instead of reading the book itself. Which I am fine with.

It’s a 400+ pages Gothic novel; my series of posts was only about 6000 words.

This past year for Christmas I collected all the posts, cleaned them up, and put them in a booklet that I gave to my patrons as a holiday gift.

“like a poisonous mulled wine, delightful” – a patron

Anyway, the same booklet is now available for everyone to download. It’s digest-sized and fits well on the back of the toilet. No longer will you have to read a set of blogposts on your phone! All you need to do is go here.

And if you want to become a patron, you can do that by going here. I only say you get nothing because I’m afraid of disappointing people by making promises I can’t keep. But, really? Every month you get something.

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