The Next Hot Subgenre

Intestinal Parasite Bildungsroman
Were-Tornado Erotica
The Epic Mundane
Grimdark Judy Blume
Fan Fiction for Famous Mathematical Equations
“-gasm”: wherever you see the suffix “-punk” now, you’ll see “-gasm” in the future: Mythgasm, Cybergasm, Steamgasm, etc.
Lord of the Sweet Valley Highs
The Genre Adjacent
TV Trope Twister
Interspeculative Conservatism
Noirnoir, Neo-noirnoir, and Revisionist Neo-noirnoir
Real Estate Agents of Dune
The Future Needs Grandpa
Wait For the Cable TV Series
Pooh Corner Slash
Mod, Mod-Mod, Ultra Mod, and Incomprehensible Gibberish
Two-Fisted Tales of Engineering in Space
New Retropunkgasm

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8 responses to “The Next Hot Subgenre”

  1. asakiyume says :

    This is pretty fabulous. I hear the revisionist neo-noirnoir retelling of Real Estate Agents of Dune is positively gasm-tastic.

  2. mikemonaco says :

    Grimdark Judy Blume FTW. “In the future, there is only war … and frecklejuice.”

    • Justin says :


    • gordsellar says :

      Ha, you know, I actually would shell out a few bucks for a novel the boys from the Superfudge books end up going through a portal to a grimdark fantasy world. (Superbloodfudge?)

      They somehow survive to their teen years to become, you know: horrible brutalized people struggling to get by, and no longer even trying to find a way back home, because life is that grim and that dark for them. So the climax comes when Peter and Superfudge, bleeding and starving on some bloodstained aerie somewhere where they’ve been abandoned by the army that thought to enslave them but got gang-raped and eaten by undead dragons, finally get around to talking—after years of dancing around the subject—about how their memories? dreams? childhood hallucinations? of that idyllic life in Nu Yuck couldn’t, can’t, weren’t real, just the dreams of children. Well, Superfudge insists that, but Peter can’t let go of the dream… he knows… he remembers…

      He’s contemplating leaping off the aerie when Ramona Quimby and her battle-scarred sister Beezus show up, blades in hand and armored like tanks, only to say, and say, “Where the fuck you bitch-boys been? We’ve been looking for you fucking everywhere…”

      (Because if Marvel and DC can do crossover, why not Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume?)

      So the Quimby sisters haul them back to Blume-Clearly-Prime, and their struggle to readjust begins. (In the the sequel, Tales of a Battle-Scarred Eleventh Grade Nothing.) And they find other kids in the mental ward who remember The Other World. Who’ve Been There.

      Cue sequel. Ha! It writes itself… in synopsis, anyway.

      • Justin says :

        And so you have just written every Joel Rosenberg novel ever.

      • Gord Sellar says :

        Ha, when I searched, this was the first hit:

        Wrong Joel, apparently. 🙂 You mean this guy, right?

        Haven’t read that Rosenberg either, though I get the vague sense it’d be like reading someone’s D&D Campaign Novel? (In a sort of bad way, I mean.)

        And yet I feel strangely attracted to trying a Narnia-meets-Cormac McCarthy sort of thing. 🙂

      • Justin says :

        Right. I meant the second guy. When I was a teen Guardians of the Flame was where it was at! Like Terry Brooks… but for adults!

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