1 + 1 (+ 1) + Hot Water to Fill


Here’s my winter drink for when it’s cold outside:

1 shot pomegranate vinegar

1 shot Andong Soju (white bottle)

Mix in a glass, add a teeny spoonful of brown sugar if the idea of drinking vinegar like a pirate scares you, add hot water to fill.


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5 responses to “1 + 1 (+ 1) + Hot Water to Fill”

  1. gordsellar says :

    Ha! One of my happy discoveries here in Vietnam is banana vinegar. Wonderful stuff… and funnily enough, it was something I found by chance at the local Korean foods shop. “바나나 식초?” I mumbled, and thought, hell, it’s a couple of bucks, let’s give it a shot…

    I haven’t mixed it in drinks, but it definitely adds a great, mild tang to bebimbap or a marinade, and we use it when we make onigiri or things like that, too. (When you need less-sticky sushi rice, but not totally unsticky.)

    • Justin says :

      Banana vinegar sounds kind of nuts. Not sure I’d want to put it in drinks. I had been adding pomegranate juice in my beer, and switched to vinegar when I saw it on sale at the store.

      • gordsellar says :

        It is kind of nuts, but in a good way… though yeah, maybe not for drinks. Maybe, though. I’d have to try it and see. 🙂

        I used to like POM (that’s the pomegranate juice brand available in ROK, right?) until I got sensitized to oxidation in beer. Now I notice it in other things, especially POM. LOL Moral of the story: don’t get sensitive to oxidation flavors!

      • Justin says :

        Yeah. POM is the juice brand – though really I say pom, because I always forget how to spell pomegranate.

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