Archive | April 21, 2013

Popeye Panels Daily

popeye ideasThere’s a whole tumblr devoted to E.C Segar’s Thimble Theater (where Popeye came from). This makes me immensely happy.

On a side note, what exactly is tumblr for? I mean besides teaching me about contemporary TV through the medium of animated GIFs?

What a crazy week – my family was all worried about me getting caught up in some Korea crisis, when actually the crisis was back with them in Boston.

It’s always spooky when events happen because you know statistically the chances of people you know being involved are slim, but at the same time you want to just make sure. But when I think about folks I’ve known who have been involved in events I can easily count five off the top of my head (three in the WTC, one of whom died, a neighbor killed on Flight 103 over Lockerbie, and a cousin involved in a mass-shooting that has its own wikipedia entry .)

So I feel justified checking in and making sure.