Schedule Change

But is it really a schedule change if there was never any schedule in the first place, eh?

From now on Thursdays* are going to be gamedays around here. I figure it’s about time there’s some consistent content on this blog, and I’ve stolen so much from so many other gaming blogs that posting my own stuff seems only right. Not to mention most of this stuff has already been written in some shape or form even if it’s only scribbly-scrawl at this point. Pretty much all of it will have been used in play and pulled from my Vaults of Ur game. Whether there’s any other content remians to be seen.

*Times are listed in Korea Standard Time. My Thursday may in fact be your Wednesday.



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One response to “Schedule Change”

  1. Lord Gwydion says :

    Huzzah! We’ur ur-gently waiting for your ur-nest reporting as a blog-ur on all things Ur!

    Did you mention you hate puns before?… I’ll stop if Thidrek discovers a mithril-wrapped hobbit while Venerable Carolus is dead and can’t capitalize on it! Just kidding, I’d never blackmail the DM.

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