The Eagle-Shark Has Spoken

Once upon a time one of my 3rd grade students drew this:



And I was like, yes, my players will have to fight this. And they did! And then afterwards they all drew pictures of it, because they are greedy for sweet sweet experience points because EAGLESHARK!

eagle shark 1 eagle shark 2 eagle shark 3

As you can see the description sort of shifted because it was late and I was like eagle wings, no bat wings, no two legs, no four legs – two tiger, two eagle…


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4 responses to “The Eagle-Shark Has Spoken”

  1. asakiyume says :

    This wins for total awesome. will share on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA.

  2. Wingshark says :

    Now…. I saw that photo-cut picture just randomly on the internet, as I happened to be searching for bird references. Since I had a paper and pencil already handy, and before I ever knew this had spawned several other pictures.. I did this:

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