All of the Faces

“All of the faces, young, old, male, female, white and brown and black, were part of the many faces of the great sad thing that moves itself from here to there and back again in all forms of transit. Faces staring into space, faces reading faces looking inward at the stories inside them.”

– From Russell Hoban’s Linger Awhile

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3 responses to “All of the Faces”

  1. says :

    “Transit” is the key word. He’s talking about the subway system.

    • Justin says :

      Yup. The book has some great moments of a character wandering around the city musing on nothing. Here’s another quote: “A dirty old man is the only kind of old man there is, and age brings out all kinds of strangeness.”

      I bought a copy at the Strand last month. It’s worth reading. It’s good, and by good I mean short and entertaining.

  2. brknwngangel says :

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