Alive, Well, And Doing Stuff

I’m back in the USA, visiting family and friends, and trying to pass unscathed through the flu epidemic while travelling.  I was in Boston. I’m now in NYC. Thursday I’m visiting Detroit where I’ll be at ConFusion, the sci-fi convention. Then Sunday I’m returning to Boston for four days before flying back to Korea. Jetlag has made me a model citizen awake at 4AM and in bed at 8PM. By the time I’m back in Pohang, I’ll likely have finally got myself on a US schedule, so I can then go through the process all over again. Joys.


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4 responses to “Alive, Well, And Doing Stuff”

  1. Rick Bowes says :

    Great to see you!

  2. Mark Morency says :

    Tell the truth: you’re back purely because the Patriots are in the playoffs, right?

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