Greatest Game-Related Thing I Read All Week

“NOTE: You do NOT need a Ph.D. in History to play this game. This game is based around the most superficial knowledge of U.S. history, and the personages therein. If you only know Samuel Adams as a beer, or think LBJ is a political group fighting for the rights of alternative sexual lifestyles, so much the better!”

From “Presidents of the Apocalypse” a gonzo superhero presidents versus radioactive mutants homebrew Dennis has been tinkering with.

This game is genius.

You can be armed with an Eisenhowitzer.


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4 responses to “Greatest Game-Related Thing I Read All Week”

  1. says :

    I’d never realized how much I wanted an Eisenhowitzer!

  2. Lord Gwydion says :

    Thanks, Justin! Looking forward to playing this soon.

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