Go Here, Look At This

It’s Roald Dahl week over at Mounds and Circles for those of you who might care. (General light-NSFW warning for the occasional boob and crude peen drawing over at M & C.) The neon line-sketch portrait of Dahl in their header is pretty neat, and the write-ups of Tales of the Unexpected are amusing, but the real good stuff are the illustrations from Dahl’s books — like these for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that look like they were done by R. Crumb, but were done by Faith Jaques instead.

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4 responses to “Go Here, Look At This”

  1. rickbowes.com says :

    Never saw this Mounds and Circles site before (I swear to you Inspector, I was just walking by minding my own business when IT happened). It’s got the English wet flannels on a late afternoon drizzly twilight on the moors weird down quite properly. Not just for Dahl but for everything it touches. And there’s a whole bunch of other sites just as creepy that it links to. How do you do it Mr. Howe?

  2. Rick Bowes says :

    As simple and normal as that!

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