Archive | September 17, 2012

One Book Four Covers: Vermilion Sands by J.G. Ballard

How about those covers, eh?

I dig the ones at either end, although the left one fits the book better. That one on the right, though? Gosh. I totally want to read that book.

For folks who don’t want to Google, Vermilion Sands is a fictitious resort at some undetermined time in the near future populated by the bored, artistic, insane, and/or wealthy. Ballard said his inspiration was Palm Springs, but I always imagine a Mediterranean locale. It’s also one of those books you’re either going to love or hate. If you’re a Ballard fan you won’t really mind that every story is more or less the same featuring nearly identical characters and plots. If you’re not a Ballard fan then I’m sure that will bother you — but only if you try to tackle the book head-on. If you were to approach each story on its own, you’d probably have better luck.