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My buddy Jay Ridler has come out swinging this past year with a slew of e-books over at Amazon.

So far I’ve been digging the Spar Battersea novels, the first of which Death Match got described as  “a rock ‘em sock ‘em addition to the noir canon. Gritty, relentless, and wry as hell, Ridler brings the pain” by the likes of Laird Barron and “Fast, breezy and barbarous, Death Match is a fine, innovative noir from an exciting new writer. Reading the book is like eating a corn dog while watching a lard fire run through a greasy-spoon, it’s both tasty and nasty” by Lucius Shepard (if you’ve never read his horror/weird/crime novel A Handbook of American Prayer, you should, like, right now).

And the second Spar novel, Con Job, takes place at a comic con… so what are you waiting for! But… among the many good things Jay has done this year my favorite is this Game that goes like this:

New game I’ve invented. If you’re keen, play along!

Whenever you feel the urge to look at X, look at your work in progress instead. +2 pts
Whenever you feel the urge to look at X, start reading a new short story. +1 pts
Whenever you feel the urge to post on X, write 100 new words instead. +5 pts.
When you reach 50 points, you may look at X and do what you want with it all day. Then start again!
It works great for Facebook!

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