Likenfreude: When you recognize exactly which blog post/youtube clip someone’s opinions came from.

This is a working definition and liable to change.

“-Freude” means joy and this feeling isn’t really “joyful”.

Maybe it should be “linkenfreude”.

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4 responses to “Likenfreude”

  1. asakiyume says :

    Hahaha–if I knew you well I’d ask for the story behind this interesting word coinage. As it is I’ll just think about times I’ve seen exactly this in my own life 🙂

    • Justin says :

      By now I think we’ve all encountered an instance or two of likenfreude (linkenfreude?) in our lives.

  2. Rick Bowes says :

    I believe there are two types of likenfreude: In one the likenfreudian considers you too stupid and lacking in internet skills to figure out what they’ve done. The other is when they’re too stupid and lacking in internet skills to realize what they’ve done.

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