Some firsts:

– Had laryngitis. It was exciting and I wished I could stay sounding like the Cookie Monster forever.

– Last week I hurt my foot, but being the American I am I figured going to the doctor would be frivolous and I’d just wait for it to get better and bandage it up and all that. Yeah. That was working well until today and I was expected to play volleyball in my school’s league and I was like, “No, sir. My foot is still yellow and purple from last week. There will be no volleyball for me.” And coach said, “You must go to Hospital.” So I did, and they were super super super nice and took x-rays and put me in this soft cast. All fun stuff, and the whole thing cost me 25USD and I’ll have a cast to hobble around in and keep myself from playing volleyball. Yay.

– My kindle died. It did that screendeath-fuxxored thing. I’m taking this better than I’d expect.

Some stuff:

– Been devouring these interviews over at the Paris Review site. Great stuff.

– Jin’s first translated book is out. It’s a Diablo 3 splat-book thing.

– Her second translated book, John Shirley’s BioShock tie-in novel Rapture, should be out next month. She had a great time working on that one… well… mostly. Sometimes people got their faces cut-off and stuff, but she thought it was a fun book and did a good job on it. However this 17 year old, who runs the “most popular” BioShock blog in the Korean Blogosphere, got hired as her proofreader. Jin’s boss, you know, wanted to get the “community” involved. So this kid made sure all the translations matched the fan-made patch for the videogame, which was a lousy “transliteration”. For example, Jin translates the train, “the Atlantic Express” as “the word for the Atlantic Ocean + the word for express train”, the patch simply transliterated it as “Ata-lan-tic-eh Exs-pre-ss-eh” and that’s the way it’ll likely be in the book. (The editor’s a bit miffed by this, but wants to keep the fan-base pleased.)

– Had another Vaults game over the weekend. I’ll wait for Dennis to write it up. No one died.

– There’s a Chinese restaurant near us that’s so f’n killer. Seriously. They do this spicy chicken that’s amazing.

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4 responses to “Stuff”

  1. Lord Gwydion says :

    Mecka-lecka-hi mecka-heiny-ho. The wish is granted. Long live Jhambi.

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