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The Vaults of Ur

Ruincrawl and get rich amid the post-apocalyptic remains of an ancient metropolis!

Rules: Reskinned B/X (with Basic Labyrinth Lord and some house rules) – No dwarfs, elves, and halflings. It’s humans, orcs, orc magi, and beastmen.

Setting Inspiration: Early Iron Age Sword & Sorcery Science Fantasy.

Game Time: Every other Saturday at 8PM Korean Standard Time (GMT +9, so Seoul: 8PM / New York: 6AM / London: 11AM) – First game Feb. 25

I’m Justin Howe on Google+. My avatar is Godzilla. If you’d like to play add me there, email me, or leave a comment here.

Email: howeDOTjw [at] gmailDOTcom

Game Changer

It’s entirely likely that some more RPG related posts will start cropping up here. Entirely likely as in at least one or two will in the near future.

I’m trying to put together a B/X Dungeons & Dragons game to be played via G+ hangouts. Since I prefer maintaining one blog as opposed to more than one don’t be surprised when the talk here shifts to orcs roll 4d6 six times, drop lowest, and place in order. Of course if you want to play feel free to let me know.

One Book Four Covers: The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk

A young Italian scholar captured by pirates finds himself the slave of a Turkish scholar. The two share more than a passing resemblance to each other, and this makes their relationship complex as each adapts and alters their own and the other’s identity. A short Borgesian novel ripe with potential allegory, which is great by me, my only wish is that for once someone would write a pomo novel with a reliable narrator.

Now on to the covers…

I love that they’re all so different. I read number one on the left. It looks like one of those Edward Gorey book covers from the 1950s. Number two mixes in some weird steampunky gears. That’s cool. The third is reappropriated Renaissance artwork. It’s there, it doesn’t suggest anything except the period. Number four is mysterious, if a bit dull, but it does hint at the issue of duality in the same way number two suggests identity. Just who is that behind the gears?

Eating Noodles Like…

… Harrison Ford in Bladerunner.

… an overweight bookie in Chinatown.

Your turn.


Three Reasons Why People Should be Reading Steve Aylett

1. A shop with its own weather, the Thousand Spiders was a place of gut-turning symmetries and the slap of palpable etheric manipulation. In fact it was impossible to tell whether you really wanted to buy what you bought there.

2. In the past everyone had feared Dumbar because his head was actually a chrysalis for another animal. In recent times his face had been almost transparent and they could see something bustle and shift behind it. Finally he’d stopped short in the middle of a conversation and opened his mouth, from which a bunch of fiddling spider legs fanned. Everything else followed and he was speechless and shaking, the only one without a scream to offer as the dog-sized bug quivered into a corner and stayed there to dry off.

3. ‘Oh I heard the voice of God once,’ Edgy told him. ‘Yeah, I was at a buffet, you know? And I was going for the chicken, and this voice from above said, “Take the ham.” So that’s what I did.’

‘Take the ham? And that’s the only time God ever chose to give you advice?’

‘Correct. I can only conclude that in every other area of my life I’ve been right on the money.’

– All from Only An Alligator by Steve Aylett