For the Record

I still make an ass-kicking omelet.


Sesame leaves.

You can never go wrong with sesame leaves.

That is all.

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7 responses to “For the Record”

  1. asakiyume says :

    And here I never even knew Sesame leaves were A Thing.

  2. Justin says :

    I can’t even begin to express how good they are. A bit of rice, a smidge of the bean paste you dip green peppers in (not miso paste), both folded inside a sesame leaf (with a bit of cooked meat if you’re inclined)… so, so, soooooooo good.

    • asakiyume says :

      I’m going to have to google sesame leaves–they must be pretty big? What you describe sort of reminds me of a delicious thing I got at the back of an Andre Norton kid’s book: it was deep fried basil leaves in which you’ve put a dab of anchovy paste. Mmmmm.

      BTW, I got out The White Castle, a hardback, and it had a cover different from any of your four paperback ones (and very boring).

    • gordsellar says :

      They even make a great pesto… though asakiyume, you’ll want to seek out perilla leaf, as it might not be mislabeled where you are. (They are, routinely, in Korea, as “sesame leaf.”) Unless you actually picked up the tiny percentage of leaves in Korea sold as sesame which actually are sesame; they do grow sesame here too, but the leaves most shops carry are perilla.

      • Justin says :

        I didn’t know that. Thanks. And I will definitely try making pesto with them.

      • asakiyume says :

        Ah, well if it’s the perilla leaf, that’s what’s known in Japan as shiso, and I grow it! So yes, I could make a pesto out of that, and that would be an excellent idea.

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