2011 Writing Review

Writing-wise I’m pretty happy with this year. Here are the highlights:

– My Lovecraftian, sex tourism gone awry story, “Go Home Stranger”, was published in the anthology Bewere the Night.

– Space Squid reprinted my story “Your Mother” in their Best of Space Squid anthology.

– Shimmer Magazine interviewed me in their Five Authors, Five Questions series. That was cool.

– I sold my Joe Mitchel meets Fritz Leiber story, “Shadows Under Hexmouth Street”, to Beneath Ceaseless Skies. So I should have at least one story coming out in 2012.

– Started two novels (though at the time I believed I was starting one), and will likely finish the first draft of one of them within the next two months. The other one will get written later next year.

– Four new stories went out into the world, and I have another three that need polishing. My goal was to have six in the slush by year’s end. Didn’t quite get that. Next year. I did retire a few stories this year too. Always a sad occassion, but they’re back in the leafmold now awaiting possible hyrbridization.

That’s it. I am where I am, and the view’s not half bad.

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