One Week From Now…

I’ll be aboard an airplane cooped up in economy class making my way to Boston. To my surprise packing hasn’t started yet. When I think about packing it’s mostly trying to think of what books I want to read on the airplane. My clothes… eh…

Last week I taught some camps. It went well. Next week I will teach some more camps then Saturday will arrive and I’ll give my wife a kiss, board a bus, then a plane, then another plane, and another plane. At some point I’ll be in Osaka at another San Francisco. Then I’ll be in Boston.

Fun times.


6 responses to “One Week From Now…”

  1. asakiyume says :

    Heh–your US base is just two hours east of where I live. Have a safe and uncomplicated trip!

    • Justin says :

      Thanks! I hope it all goes smoothly. It’s possible I’ll be out your way one day (actually past it I think, closer to Springfield).

      • asakiyume says :

        Really? I used to work in Springfield. I live in Belchertown, which is about 35 minutes north of Springfield. It’s between Amherst and Ware on Route 9.

      • Justin says :

        Yeah. I used to work in Florence near Northampton back in 2002-2005. I hope to visit there for a day sometime in the week after I get back.

      • asakiyume says :

        I know Florence! (Well, sort of…) We like to bike there now and then. We like the Miss Florence Diner.

        Have a great visit! Take photos ^_^

  2. J. Spinazzola says :

    Sounds like the best part of the journey may be your first “step.”

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