Weekend Weekout

It’s Friday. I’m pooped.

The week was only marginally crazy. Next week is the school festival and talent show. Considering the number of 4th graders walking around with nunchuks, I think it’ll be pretty fun. There will also be song and dance numbers. On a side note, I’d completely lost track of the date and forgot all about Thanksgiving. Ah well, it’s a shit holiday. Who likes the Pilgrims anyways? Pack of Quaker killing bastards.

The new Donnie Yen movie, Wu Xia, is playing in town. It looks great. We might make tonight Date Night and check it out. Chance of it having English subtitles? Nil. But I don’t expect them. If it’s good I’ll see it again when it’s out on DVD. Maybe we’ll have Date Night again and watch it in one of the DVD rooms in town. Yes, they are sleazy. Yes, I still love them. They cater so well to the antisocial. Who cares if the clerk has to windex off the couch before he tells you it’s okay to sit down?

See you all next week…

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