Awesome Archer Guy

My wife feels guilty when we watch Korean movies and they’re not in subtitles. It’s not much of a problem since we tend to watch period action movies and I dig the fight scenes. (The Korean I know is limited to numbers, a few phrases to keep me from starving/dying of thirst, and jinja which is Korean for “No way!” You wouldn’t believe the mileage you can get out of jinja…)

And really in action movies are hard is it? You know the good guys and you know the bad guys and you know which characters are going to complicate things and you can see who’s doing what and where they are and whether or not the fight will be with bows or guns or knives or shish-ka-bob skewers or whatever. Really. It’s not hard.

But after the movie we’ll discuss it and my wife will fill me in on the more subtler bits of plot and whether or not the script was any good (normally they’re not, but she gives high marks to Reign of Assassins.)

She’ll also want to know what I named the characters, because she knows me and if I’m sitting there watching a movie and engaging with it I’m going to be making up the story and giving the characters names based on their costumes or characteristics. So I’ll tell her, “Yeah. That guy was Grumpus. And the other guy was Blue Eyes, and the girl was Lala and her mom was Mrs. Fred…” and you get the picture. Basically I’m free-associating.

Well, all this is to say we went to the movies and saw Awesome Archer Guy. It was about a guy named Hawkeye and his sister Wasp and their buddy Dudley, and some brutish Mongolians showed up when Dudley and Wasp wanted to get married, and Hawkeye had to track the Mongolians to save Dudley and Wasp and the Mongolians were bad-ass (especially Ryu Seung-ryong’s character) except for Prince Shiny Blue who got set on fire.  He was a simpering putz.

The actual name of the movie is Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon, so you know I wasn’t that far off…

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3 responses to “Awesome Archer Guy”

  1. J. Spinazzola says :

    This one is very sweet. Looks like you found your cheese ; )

    And despite the cut below his left eye, Archer Guy is a pretty boy. Bet the ladies love him.

  2. Chris Azure says :

    Sounds like “Jinja” is the Korean equivalent of “Trời ơi!” Literally they’re a bit different (“Trời ơi!” means “oh my god!’, basically – but it’s often used in a “no way” sort of context). They’re definitely equivalent in terms of mileage, from what you say 🙂

    Wish we had enough quality movies to make a comparison there too though!

    • Justin says :

      Jinja’s been explained to me as meaning “Really”, so you can have the “No way? Way.” conversation for as long as you can stand it.

      The movie selection is quite good here, between the theater and the DVD rooms. A lot of the period films however are very nationalistic along the lines of say John Ford westerns.

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