Yesterday I Might Have Made a Joke and Other Stuff

Yesterday I was at the beach. A lovely place, it overlooks a giant steam-spewing steel mill. They light it up with neon at night. When the flames shoot out it looks just like Bladerunner. Someone I had never met before was telling a story about someone I didn’t know.

Guy: He’s like Daniel Craig if Daniel Craig was a pale fat Canadian…

Me: So like if Daniel Craig looked more like John Candy?

Guy: Yeah.

At some point later I ended up filling out Driver Safety Evaluation forms for Hyundai. (The person was supposed to have done them during a business trip but didn’t, though judging from the questions I can imagine truck drivers didn’t want to bother.) I’ve never had a driver’s license in my life and have been behind the wheel of a car on less than five occasions. The best part was making up the names to put on the forms. After that I made sure my handwriting was as illegible as possible.

Don’t blame me if/when your car bursts into flames.

Shimmer Magazine posted question two in their Five Authors/Five Questions series:

“How do you go about choosing a title for the story? Do titles present themselves before the work begins, or when it’s complete?”

Read my answer here.

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