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“Shadows Under Hexmouth Street” at Beneath Ceaseless Skies

“Shadows Under Hexmouth Street” is my Joe Mitchell in Lankhmar story (mixed in with bits from my late aughties day job at an architectural preservation company).

Joe Mitchell was a 1940s New Yorker writer. That’s him over there on the left. He specialized in urban pieces about kooks and weirdos. Lankhmar’s a massive fantasy city created by Fritz Leiber. That’s it in the middle as drawn by Mike Mignola, the Hellboy guy. In the early 1970s Leiber published Our Lady of Darkness, there on the right. It wasn’t set in Lankhmar, but it featured a magic system called polisomancy. Polisomancy’s all about capturing urban elementals born from construction materials and was practiced by kooks and weirdos in cities.

My story’s about that.

You can read it or listen to it here.


“Professor Mannhardt relates a strange legend current in Mecklenburg to the effect that in a certain secluded and barren spot, where a murder had been committed, there grows up every day at noon a peculiarly-shaped thistle, unlike any other of its kind. On inspection there are to be seen human arms, hands, and heads, and as soon as twelve heads have appeared, the weird plant vanishes. It is further added that on one occasion a shepherd happened to pass the mysterious spot where the thistle was growing, when instantly his arms were paralysed and his staff became tinder.”

From “The Folk-Lore of Plants“, by T. F. Thiselton-Dyer

Friday Caption Contest

All demonic children love the taste of pork and beans!

A Picture With a Side of Links

One of my students goofing around with a mask I made for an after school class. I don’t normally post pictures of people since it seems invasive, but the kid’s masked–so pretend he’s Batman.

Anyway, this post is written at work, which means the operating system defaults to Korean, which means no fancy redline shows up under my misspelled words, which means the potential for seeing what a lousy speller I am has climbed through the roof.

Here’s the greatest thing I’ve read in the past 15 minutes: Self-Publishing Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be A Raging Fuckwad. 

Here’s the creepiest: Russian ‘Genius’ Lived With 26 Female Bodies, Some Skeletal Remains Were Reportedly Dressed as a Doll and a Teddy Bear.

That last one comes from Quigley’s Cabinet, an amazing site for Ripley’s-Believe-It-or-Not style news of the weird.