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Hipster: The Inverted Pyramid of Hate

Hipster’s come to be a meaningless insult. It’s become one of those vague words no one has a clear meaning for, but still a desire not to be called. A bit like what happened with the word “sentimental”.


“I freakin’ hate hipsters!” said by 42-year old exurban Ohio resident inside a Starbucks in reference to every 20-to-40 year old living in a metropolitan area.

“I freakin’ hate hipsters!” said by 27-year old Brooklyn resident about everyone who reads home design blogs.

“I freakin’ hate hipsters!” said by 31-year old Seattle resident, and home design blog reader, about home design blog readers that make fun of people who buy Ikea furniture.

Of course you want to shout, “Get that last guy! He’s a hipster!”

But really, he’s just an asshole.