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A Wash

Apparently this week is a wash.

Not that it has been a bad week, not at all, but a few curveballs got thrown my way and I’m focussing on them along with the usual project. So the blog is on the back burner, which I’ll say now should be expected. Blogging is somewhat lowish on my list of priorities. Well, sort of. I’m reluctant to just put up any post and would rather have none than a lot of filler or worse, posts I regret. I wrote one all about how much I love Ken Watanabe’s hair (best over 30 men’s hair style next to William Tecumseh Sherman’s) and another called “On Pringles, On Writing”, but not sure I want to post either of them.

Next week I’ll be back with my two posts.

Maybe one will be about Pringles or Ken Watanabe’s hair or our favorite place to buy donuts. You’ll have to wait and see.